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Domestic Abuse: Safe Places (UK scheme)

The Safe Places program is a scheme designed to provide assistance and support to vulnerable individuals, including those who may be experiencing domestic violence. Participating stores and locations, like Boots, display a Safe Places sticker indicating that they are a safe haven where individuals can seek help or refuge.

Safe Places Program for Domestic Violence Survivors in the UK:

1. What is the Safe Places Program?

The Safe Places program is a community-based initiative that designates certain stores, businesses, and public spaces as "safe places" for people who may feel threatened or vulnerable, including domestic violence survivors. These locations provide a safe environment where individuals can seek assistance, support, or a place to wait while help arrives.

2. Participating Locations:

Look for the Safe Places sticker displayed at participating stores and establishments, such as Boots, supermarkets, pharmacies, and other community venues. These stickers indicate that the location is part of the Safe Places program.

3. How Does it Work?

If you feel unsafe or threatened, you can enter a Safe Places location and inform the staff or employees that you need help. They are trained to offer support, call for assistance, or provide a safe space while you wait for help to arrive.

4. Assistance and Referral:

Safe Places locations are not meant to replace emergency services, but they can offer initial assistance and help you connect with appropriate support resources, including contacting the police, a helpline, or a domestic violence support organisation.

5. Confidentiality and Training:

Staff at Safe Places locations are typically trained to handle these situations with sensitivity and respect. They understand the importance of confidentiality and providing a non-judgmental environment for individuals seeking assistance.

6. Find Safe Places Near You:

Contact local authorities, domestic violence shelters, or community organizations to learn more about the Safe Places program in your area and to obtain a list of participating locations.

Here are a list of participating organisations:

  • Boots

  • Morrisons

  • TSB Banks

  • Independent pharmacies

  • Superdrug

  • Well pharmacies

Remember, while the Safe Places program can offer temporary refuge and support, if you are in immediate danger, always prioritise your safety and contact emergency services by calling 999. Utilise the Safe Places program as an additional resource for seeking help during times of vulnerability.


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