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Price Transparency is our goal to provide you with an easy, understandable guide on what we charge on a private basis.  Ensuring you are fully informed before you decide to retain us. 

Our precise cost will depend on the particular circumstances of your case.




We understand that the cost of legal services is an important consideration for our clients.  At Christian Lavergne Solicitors our focus is ensuring that you will get the value for your money as we aim to provide you with a good quality service by working efficiently and getting all the key issues right from the onset.

The precise cost will depend on the particular circumstances of your case. Where the application is relatively straightforward it is likely that the fees will be at the lower end of the relevant spectrum. Where there are complex factors, the fees may reach or in some cases exceed the upper end.

We will agree on costs with you in advance and are happy to discuss funding options.


For new clients, we offer an initial no-obligation one-hour fixed fee diagnostic consultation. The consultation can be in person, by phone or by exchange of email. This is an opportunity for you to seek initial advice on your case, get a second opinion, or gather sufficient information to take the case forward yourself.

The cost of the initial diagnostic consultation for all cases is: £120 -£150.  


Limited Leave Application

  • Application under Parent Route

  • Application under Partner Route

  • Spousal Application

  • Application under Human Rights

  • Application for Asylum

  • Application for Discretionary Leave

Permanent Residence

  • 10 Years Settlement Applications

  • Permanent residency

  • Long Residence Application

  • Domestic Violence (Retained rights)

EEA Applications

  • EEA - Residence Card Applications

  • EEA - Extended Family Member Visa Applications

  • EEA - Retention of Right of Residence Applications

  • Fiancé / Spouse Visa Application

Entry Clearance

  • Child Settlement

  • Parent Settlement Application

  • Family visit visas


  • Immigration Judicial Review

  • Administrative Review

  • Immigration Appeal

  • Human Rights (Article 8 & 3)

  • Deportation and Removal Injunctions

  • Immigration Bail Application

  • Temporary Admission / CIO Bail Application

  • Asylum and Human Rights Application

  • Court of Appeal

On average, these types of work take between 5-20 hours to complete. This means that on average costs are between £1000 and £5,500 depending on whether the work is undertaken by a  caseworker, solicitor or partner. 


If a case goes to Judicial Review or Court of Appeal we may consider undertaking the case on a no win no fee basis at an hourly rate of between £175-£375 an hour.  The hourly rate depends on the experience of the fee earner.

Disbursements (not included in costs set out above)

Disbursements are costs that are payable to third parties, such as Court fees.

We handle the payment of the disbursements on your behalf to ensure a smoother process. 


How Will My Employment Case be Funded?

We are open, upfront and honest about all of our Solicitor fees.


Our Solicitors have different hourly rates depending on their level of experience. We will talk about this at the start to avoid any surprises. 

Funding options are:

  • A Fixed Hourly Rate

  • A Fixed Fee that covers all work

  • Staged Payments

If you’re not sure how complicated your case is we can offer you advice and outline the costs involved.

The fixed fees for employment will range from £850-£7,500.  Hearings are charged at £500 - £600 per day.  Our hourly rates start from £175-£375 an hour.  The hourly rate depends on the experience of the fee earner

On Settlement Agreements, employers usually make a contribution to your legal fees, which may be sufficient to cover our costs.  In more complicated cases, where we’re asked to carry out extensive negotiations to secure a better settlement package, we seek a higher contribution from the employer.

No Win No Fee Employment Solicitors


We do take No Win, No Fee claims in rare circumstances and this will be subject to a paid case assessment. Please contact us to discuss your case and find out how we can help you.


 Examples of summary only motoring offences are:​

  1. Using a mobile phone whilst driving

  2. Failing to name a driver

  3. Driving without insurance

  4. Driving without a licence

  5. Driving with excess alcohol

  6. Driving under the influence of drugs

  7. Drunk in charge of a motor vehicle

  8. Careless driving

  9. Failing to comply with traffic signals

  10. Speeding

  11. Failing to stop or report an accident


The majority of motoring cases save the most serious in which there is a significant risk of a custodial sentence, legal aid is unavailable.  Therefore if you wish to be legally represented you will pay privately.


We charge a fixed fee of £500

Any additional hearings will cost you an extra £300 per hearing.


We charge a minimum fixed fee of £1,300


Disbursements are the additional costs for example experts witnesses

Christian Lavergne Ltd reserves the right to amend the fixed fees.

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